IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics selected our JAMIA publication (Exploring completeness in clinical data research networks with DQe-c) DQe-c paper as 1 of top-4 papers in Clinical Research Informatics in 2018 Our.

"[…] Estiri’s paper is one of the two 2018 best papers selected on DQ for this section. The authors developed an open source, interoperable, and scalable DQ assessment tool able to measure the completeness and conformance of data items within an EHR or CDW data model. They describe the iterative implementation of a web-based tool - DQe-c - across different institutions focusing on interoperability and scalability to large databases. The DQe-c has been evaluated on a sample dataset of 200, 000 randomly selected patient records with an encounter since January 1, 2010, extracted from the Research Patient Data Registry at Partners HealthCare. The web-based report produced by DQe-c is organized into four sections: load and test details (list of the tables of the EHR or CDW’s common data model (CDM) and table-level size and completeness), completeness test (missing data for each column of the tables), data model conformance test (rate of orphan records based on the CDM), and fitness for purpose test (missingness in key clinical indicators such as ethnicity data or blood pressure for example). This best paper contributes to the body of open algorithms and tools to permit comparable DQ assessments which can be run on different architectures (EHRs, PCORnet, OMOP) paving the way to systematic evaluation of DQ across distributed networks."

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